Abby Northrup learned of her best friend's death on the car radio and that moment changed everything else in her carefully crafted life.

She and Marti Bright had been friends since high school. When life and careers took them to different places, their friendship continued with visits and phone calls. The two shared even their darkest secrets.

Marti's brutal murder opens up areas of Marti's life that Abby would like to keep closed. Abby's grief compels her to search for reasons for this heinous crime, starting by examining their shared past and moving on to the secrets she finds Marti had been keeping from her. What she discovers are clues that are far-reaching, and her search could make Abby the next victim.

Told in first person, the initial period of discovery and grief move a little slowly, but when the twists and turns begin, this becomes an enjoyable ride. (May, 408 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson