Kimberly Madison is cursed. A gene-rations-old trust requires her to keep her virginity until she marries, in order to own Briar Cliff, the estate where she grew up.

Jared Raddington wants Kimberly's body but realizes both her need to claim Briar Cliff and the competing demands of her lush sexuality. He is haunted by the pain he sees in her eyes and he decides to show her his sexual dominance as well as how to beat the trust's rules.

Leigh creates strong characters as well as an interesting story line. She starts the book with a graphic sex scene, which sets the tone for following scenes. These interludes reinforce the plot and the strong carnal nature of the two main characters. Leigh writes a page turner and readers will wonder how Kimberly can withstand Jared's loving—and why she would want too. (dl $5.20)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Paige