Abbie Donovan needs a man and not just any man. After being held captive by the Apaches, Abbie is ruined; no decent man would marry her, but half-breed, gunman Rio McCaine is ideal. They can marry and Rio could negotiate the release of her half-sister, who is still being held captive, secure her inheritance of the family home and get rid of an unwanted suitor.

Abbies deal is too good to pass up. However, Rio has no idea of just what he is getting into. Not only does he get a wife, but he gains a highly unorthodox family. It seems that Abbie is her fathers only legitimate child, but he sired many, many illegitimate children and her half-brothers and sisters comprise a very large family.

As Rio and Abbie journey to her home they realize that there is a strong attraction between them, one they can never ignore. However, neither wished to be saddled, tied down, unable to roam free. But love changes everything and when faced with danger, they find that love is a powerful weapon.

Though there are a great deal of plot twists and turns (sometimes so many that readers might be confused), and the large cast of characters (Abbies siblings) go in and out faster than a revolving door, the engaging lovers make SADDLED a fun read. SENSUAL (Jun., 320 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin