There is no hook that draws you into Sadies song. In fact, it opens so true to life one might be tempted to put the book down and search for something more entertaining. Be advised: Dont.

Sadie has five children who are all under the age of eight and she is possibly expecting her sixth. Despite the challenges of raising them, keeping her house clean and meeting the demands of her husband, Sadie still holds things together, managing to serve others. Unfortunately, Sadie has a secret she can tell no one.

In her small Maine community, one child is murdered and another is missing. Sadie wonders if perhaps she has the key to solve the crimes. But years of keeping secretsall of which will come out if she tells what she knowsmake it difficult for her to speak. What will happen if she does not find the strength to do what she must do? Can she find the faith to see her through this decision?

Sadies Song is a mirror of lifethe ups and downs of marriage and church happenings. It is truth, holding the reader captive. There may be others amongst us who keep the same secret as Sadie. Linda Hall pens a story that touches the very heart of every womaneven if it is fiction. (May, 300 pp., $10.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston