Marthas Vineyard folk artist Holly Anderson is stunned when her father Eric runs off with her friend, a beautiful younger woman named Eden Walker. The pair has sailed off on Erics boat. Holly cant believe the woman she befriended could do this.

Photographer Sam Steadman can believe it. Nearly eight years ago Sam married Eden who left him months later with just a note. Sam has not seen Eden in seven years, but his adoptive parents have. Eden offered to have a valuable engraving appraised for them. The trusting souls gave the engraving to Eden and are concerned because they havent heard from her.

Despite their mutual desire to locate Eden, Sam is hesitant to reveal the full truth to Holly. But both are shocked when Eden apparently goes missing from the Vixen and Eric Anderson is a suspect in her disappearance. Sam has his doubts about Edens demise, so he and Holly continue to try and trace Eden. This con woman has left a trail of trouble in her wake, much of which is threatening to spill over onto Holly and Sam.

SAFE HARBOR adds another notch in the growing collection of compelling dramas that Ms. Stockenberg just keeps producing. This author really knows how to tell a story! (Apr., 352 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith