Image of Safe Haven: (The Peacemakers)


Image of Safe Haven: (The Peacemakers)

Schmidt’s third book in the Peacemakers series is just as powerfully written as the first two installments. The prose style is masterful, and you’ll get swept up in the sorrows and joys each character faces. Recurring characters’ stories are intricately woven together to form a superbly intriguing tale.

Journalist Suzanne Randolph is searching for redemption. After making the biggest mistake of her journalistic career, she vows to piece together her shattered past. When she hears of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s plan to bring refugees to the United States, she knows this can be her redeeming story. Upon traveling to the refugee camp in Oswego, N.Y., she meets Theo Bridgewater, who has come to reunite with his family. Teaming together, they use their passion and skills to work to keep these refugees from being sent back to their war-torn countries. Suzanne finds herself in a situation she said she would never get into again, but she knows she’s doing the right thing. Putting her faith in Theo, Suzanne tries to trust that things will work out for the best. (BARBOUR, Aug., 320 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Michele Hagenlock