Image of Safe in His Embrace


Image of Safe in His Embrace
SAFE IN HIS EMBRACE (4) by Candice Poarch: Poarch wonderfully depicts the devastating psychological effect that spousal abuse has on its victims. Senetra Blain has made the best of a horrible situation. Relocating to Alaska and assuming another identity, she doesn't know that her ex-husband has been murdered and that her paternal family is searching for her. Alexander Wilson is also in Alaska, where he's finishing a career commitment necessary to take care of his father's medical expenses. He's also isolated from his family, but by choice. Alex falls for Senetra, knowing her true identity, and it causes their separation when she finds this out. She fears that he may have been hired by her ex to murder her. Can the two reunite with their families and resolve past hurts to be together?
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims