Image of Safety of Secrets, The


Image of Safety of Secrets, The

This emotionally rich story scrutinizes the long-term friendship between two engaging women. It moves seamlessly back and forth from their troubled childhoods in Louisiana to their move across the country to Los Angeles. But not even the magic of Hollywood can airbrush away the rips and tears in the fabric of their relationship. Michel brings home the idea that at times close friendships can cause immeasurable pain, but without them life is heartbreaking.

The friendship of Fiona Marshall and Patricia Woods has spanned 25 years. It began in Lake Charles, La., with the loan of a pair of socks, and is further cemented as they avoid Patricia's neglectful mother and escape Fiona's abusive one. Together they attempt to make it as actresses in Hollywood.

Now, the relationship has weathered life in the fast lane, career pressures and marriages, all the while harboring a secret only the two of them know and a promise to always keep it between them. When the secret is revealed in the most public of forums, will their friendship bend or shatter, or will they finally be forced to face the hard truths it reveals? (AVON A, Jun., 320 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers