Image of Saint's Gate


Image of Saint's Gate

Neggers’ latest book is intricately plotted and full of detail. You can’t beat the Maine coast for the setting of a suspense novel! Despite opening with a murder, the pace is slow. Neither Colin nor Emma are immediately compelling characters. They become more interesting as the story goes on, but the emotional hook takes too long to develop.

FBI agent Emma Sharpe returns to the convent she left several years earlier at the request of Sister Joan, who supervises their art restoration program. But she’s murdered before she can share the reason behind her call. Undercover agent Colin Donovan becomes involved at the request of a friend and because Emma is linked to a prior mission of his. Emma quickly discovers that Colin is a fellow agent, and they begin working together to unravel an international art conspiracy. (MIRA, Sep., 336 pp. , $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett