Image of The Saints of Midland (Chosen Two)


Image of The Saints of Midland (Chosen Two)

Schaefer's tale thrusts a modern woman into a fantasy realm. Her heroine is a witch with a smart-mouth attitude. Much of the narration is repetitive, but the author successfully uses first person in relating her quest.

Searching for her missing brother on Halloween night, Amanda Sims ends up with deputy sheriff Josh Kent in a strange part of the forest. When a guardian from another dimension welcomes them, a trade is made: Amanda gives up her medicine bag in exchange for her brother. The two are whisked away to Midland, a plane of existence where spirits -- and the occasional human -- are trapped.

Amanda and Josh must defeat the evil mage who rules Midland, and they each must pass through three trials. They're helped by Rick, a ghost temporarily in parrot form; a spirit-draining vampire; and Gayla, Amanda's dead grandmother. Each of the companions grows along the way, but Josh changes the most. Can he and Amanda admit they love each other? (SAMHAIN, Apr., 314 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice