Though Marisa Grantham knows she is the last person Clayton Trevelyn wants to see, she must warn him that his life is in danger.

It appears that Clayton has gotten over Marisas change of heart and their broken engagement years before, but their relationship hovers like a ghost over their lives. Perhaps she had been a silly chit to break off with Clay, but now she must see to it that he is safe.

Determined to have her warning taken seriously, Marisa embarks on a plan to tempt the saintly man and make him believe that he is marked for murder. Clayton still finds Marisa attractive, but how can he believe her outrageous claims?

If Clayton refuses to take the threats seriously then Marisa will and shes now sure she will never let him get away a second time.

Marisa charges ahead and readers are treated to a delightful, often amusing read about love lost and reclaimed, mystery and mayhem, making for a pleasant afternoons diversion. SENSUAL (Dec., 393 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin