Image of For The Sake Of His Child


Image of For The Sake Of His Child

A fender bender causes the gorgeous tycoon to take the beautiful attorney out for a meal. With her, he remembers what its like to laugh again; however, its not until his nanny is unavailable and he brings his deaf son to her firm, that he realizes just how special this woman is. Shes the first person his son reaches out to, for she is deaf as well. FOR THE SAKE OF HIS CHILD (4.5 G), he gets her to move in and act as a temporary nanny. The lines between them quickly blur and they begin to resemble a real family. What happens when the boys real mother returns? Lucy Gordon starts February off with an outstanding book that not only deals with some very tough issues, but also has layered conflict, a strong premise and fantastic characters.

Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short