American English teacher Rei Shimura is working hard to carve out a successful life for herself in Japan, which she loves. Her grasp of Japanese culture and language works to Rei's advantage, but her mixed heritage is a drawback.

Taking a well-deserved vacation, Rei travels to the resort castle town of Shiroyama. This ancient site proves to be anything but peaceful when Setsuko Nakamura, the trophy wife of a well-to-do businessman, is murdered. At first the police try and write off the death as an accident, but evidence quickly mounts to the contrary.

Who would want to kill Setsuko? In Rei's mind the husband is a prime suspect. The police, however, focus their attention on Rei and attractive Scottish Attorney Hugh Glendinning. Hugh knew both the victim and her husband well, as they both worked for the Sendai Company. Getting involved in a relationship is not high on Rei's priority list, but when Rei's persistent inquiries get Hugh arrested, she feels compelled to try and uncover the truth.

Setsuko turns out to be a woman with a lot of hidden secrets, but which is the one that got her killed?

Author Sujata Massey debuts with a highly original and fresh new voice guaranteed to garner her many fans. Top notch romantic suspense with a fascinating cross-cultural edge! (Sep., 428 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith