In the land of Eldwyn, magic and revenge twine to together to create a wonderful adventure that pulls the reader’s heartstrings. Inez Kelley’s characters are strong and stubborn and paired with an entertaining story to transport the readers to another world.

Bryton Haruk is a man on a mission of revenge. He leaves behind his homeland, king and queen and even his own daughter, to track his wife’s killers. With nothing but his sword, his wits and the gift of premonition bestowed upon him, Bryton rushes headlong into a dangerous journey. But his wily queen has added one more element to his quest – a birdshifter, Salome, who is called upon to bring peace to Bryton’s soul. As romance blooms between Bryton and Salome, duty and love are pitted against each other. Can true love quiet his need for revenge or will the past destroy Bryton’s future? (CARINA PRESS, June, $4.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Cooper