Poetic use of language, intricate plotting and a wealth of fascinating details make Thompson's latest novel a masterful work of suspense. Readers will come for the action and stay for the three-dimensional characters and well-crafted narrative. This is a fabulous read!

Veterinarian Dana Vanover heads to the desert on a mission to find her missing sister. She's willing to brave the politics of small-town Devil's Claw and the West Texas heat to find her, but Sheriff Jay Eversole becomes an obstacle she's not sure she can overcome.

Jay wants Dana out of town -- for his sake and for hers. But Dana has no intention of leaving without her sister, and solving this local mystery is going to take the two of them. The only problem is, the two of them together are making temperatures rise faster than the southwestern sun and, if they're not careful, their hearts as well as their lives will be in jeopardy. (LEISURE, Dec., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Marilyn Weigel