Image of Salvation in Death


Image of Salvation in Death

The 27th chapter in this amazingly consistent series is a down-and-dirty procedural that keeps the focus on the murders, with any developments in the lives of pivotal characters taking a secondary role. Motivation is key in this intense tale as Robb deftly leads readers on a journey of greed, murder and manipulation. Tight pacing keeps this hunt for a remorseless killer riveting as Eve and company delve into a confusing case with religious overtones. Bang-on again!

When Father Miguel Flores dies after drinking sacramental wine laced with cyanide during a funeral mass, it's up to Lt. Eve Dallas to discover why. On the surface, Father Flores was a well-loved part of the community, but as Eve starts to peel back the layers, she discovers that he may not have been who he said he was. Old knife wounds and remnants of a gang tattoo are Eve's only clues into his true background. But just when Eve thinks she has a solid thread to follow a second murder, a prominent evangelist throws her whole case sideways. (Putnam, Nov., 368 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith