With SAMANTHA, Andrea Kane brings readers a wonderfully entertaining sequel to My Heart's Desire.

Believing in romance and true happiness, Lady Samantha Barrett is searching for the man of her dreams and believes she has found him the moment she sees the Earl of Gresham, Remington Worth. Known as one of London's rakes and a fierce officer during the Napoleonic Wars, Remington is enchanted by Samantha's sweet innocence, warmth and honest naivete.

Though he is a hero to Samantha, Remington believes he is anything but heroic. Committed to helping England, he has agreed to work as a covert agent, dedicated to unmasking the traitors responsible for British merchant ships disappearing at sea. Remington cannot allow anything or anyone to ruin his mission.

Still, he cannot forget sweet Samantha and when he believes her brother, Drake, may be somehow involved in the investigation, he encourages her friendship (little knowing that he has sealed his fate).

Vowing to win Remington's love and to protect the Earl and her brother, Samantha finds herself caught up in Remington's work and more danger than she knew existed in order to prove that Remington is very much a hero.

SAMANTHA will wrap itself around your heart and make you believe in happily ever after. Andrea Kane sweeps readers away with this marvelous tale of an innocent dreamer and the man of her dreams, gifting us with a romance to remember for a long, long time. SENSUAL (Dec., 353 pp., $4.99)

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