With The Bane Affair, Alison Kent introduced readers to the Smithson Group — five elite operatives known as SG-5 who will stop at nothing to bring the members of the crime syndicate Spectra IT to justice.

Now, in episode three, SG-5 operative Julian Samms' mission is to protect Katrina Flurry, the ex-girlfriend of Spectra frontman Peter Decon. His orders are clear: Get Katrina to the safe house, keep her there until the hit man is disposed of and then return her unharmed. But Julian didn't count on being attracted to her.

Julian is the most intense man Katrina had ever met. She knows he despises her association with Peter—and thinks she's guilty by association—but she knows he would protect her with his life. She feels their connection immediately, but can she break through his will of iron?

Packed with fast-paced action and electrifying passion, this book has a technically detailed, expertly written plot. Readers will be wanting more. (Dec., 112 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Tanya Kacik