Prolific mystery author Patterson (Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas) hooks readers with his latest novel, a heartfelt love story.Against the backdrop of sparkling Lake Geneva, Patterson has written an uplifting novel, full of hope and the promise of unconditional love. Readers won't put down this truly emotional page-turner until the tissue box is empty.

Jennifer, a columnist for The Chicago Tribune, is still grieving over her husband Danny's untimely death when she learns that her beloved grandmother, Sam, is in a coma. Jennifer quickly journeys to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where she visits Sam in a nearby hospital.

Jennifer's visit to Lake Geneva is a bittersweet one. She recalls the happy summers of her childhood and discovers letters that her grandmother wrote to her, detailing the elder's life with Jennifer's grandfather, Charles—and some of Sam's most hidden secrets. Sam's letters are tender, emotional and revealing, and they show Jennifer the nobility in taking a chance at love. Jennifer has met Brendan Keller, a former pal from childhood, and their blossoming once-in-a-lifetime romance requires Jennifer to commit to true happiness that is not without risk.

(Jul., 272 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick