Image of Samurai Game (GhostWalker)


Image of Samurai Game (GhostWalker)

Feehan’s thrilling GhostWalker series takes an exotic turn as a mysterious new female GhostWalker surfaces. After years of torture, Azami Yoshiie was tossed away by Dr. Whitney when she was eight. Found and raised in the way of the samurai by Mamoru Yoshiie, Azami is both beautiful and extremely deadly. Treachery and betrayal continue to stalk the GhostWalker teams, keeping the danger quotient high. Feehan’s skill at characterization ensures instant investment in this adrenaline rush of a ride!

Since being rescued and raised by her adopted father, Azami’s mission has been the destruction of Dr. Whitney and those who support him. Azami and her brothers uncover Whitney’s latest plot to sacrifice a GhostWalker in order to get a component for a new weapon. Sam “Knight” Johnson is the proposed sacrifice. Azami doesn’t know if she can trust the GhostWalkers, but she feels an instant and potent connection with Sam. Can Azami and Sam forge a layer of trust? Their mutual enemies are plotting and the outcome could be deadly! (JOVE, Jul., 416 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith