Image of The Sanctuary


Image of The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary may make you wonder if prisons manufacture more criminals than they rehabilitate. The vivid descriptions and drama are gripping, and the alternating POVs add depth to the characters and story. Dekker reminds us that we are all prisoners, though it may be our minds, vs. prison bars, holding us captive.

To protect the woman he loves, Renee Gilmore, Danny Hansen is serving a 50-year prison sentence for a murder he did not commit. When Renee receives a threatening call and package, she realizes that someone knows their secret. If she does not comply with the demands, Danny will be killed. He is serving time at Basal, where the warden is determined to break Danny’s vow of nonviolence. Will the warden succeed? (CENTER STREET, Oct., 416 pp, $24.99)

Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee