Wendy Hodene, a New England wife and mother, is looking forward to remodeling her old house. When Jim Hodene announces that he and seven co-workers won the Powerball lottery, he claims all of their worries are over. For Wendy, all that money comes with a dark cloud. Jim and their 10-year-old son Tyler think she's nuts and make plans for their house and a new boat.

When Zina Tompkins sees a photograph of the Powerball winners, she believes she sees her long-missing husband, Jimmy Hayward. Calling her brother Zack on the phone, Zina is frantic with the idea that she's finally found Jimmy. Zack's anger at the man who married Zina, got her pregnant and then abandoned her is immense. However, he has his doubts that Jim Hodene is actually Jimmy Hayward.

Checking it out, Zack discovers that Jim and Jimmy are indeed the same person. Now not only is there Zina to worry about, but Jim's unsuspecting new wife and young son.

Antoinette Stockenberg continues to display an immense talent for creating powerful and gripping dramas that give readers the full range of human emotions. (May, 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith