Image of Sand, Sun...Seduction!: Enticed\Propositioned\Fevered


Image of Sand, Sun...Seduction!: Enticed\Propositioned\Fevered

Gorgeous settings, well-defined characters and solid conflicts make each of these stories a worthwhile read. They're a great way to spend a sultry afternoon or evening.

In Bond's "Enticed," attorney Kimber Karlton is about to vacation in the Maldives with her soon-to- be fiance. But a last-minute glitch turns the dream trip into a nightmare -- and Kimber's forced to depend on the good will of hunky pilot Finn Meyers.

In Kelly's "Propositioned," bartender Liz Talbot isn't happy to see businessman Jack Beaumont, her slimy ex-husband's boss, when he mysteriously appears in St. Lucia. They've always been attracted, but Liz isn't sure she can trust Jack -- and he does have an ulterior motive.

In Wilde's "Fevered," tabloid reporter Macy Gatwick follows scandal-plagued engineer Armando Cutler to Costa Rica, hoping to get a scoop. Romance isn't on the agenda, but somehow it blossoms anyway. (HARLEQUIN, Jul., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer