The talented Rice turns to the shores of Connecticut with a tale of unconditional love and shattered dreams. Honor and John Sullivan have the perfect life, blessed with artistic careers and three wonderful daughters. But when the family travels to Ireland for John's sculpting, he's imprisoned for murder and sent away for six years.

John returns home after his release, but his family has been forever altered by his absence. Honor isn't sure she wants him back in their lives, since his imprisonment was the culmination of many years of risk-taking in the name of his art. Regis, his oldest daughter, is engaged and in college. Agnes, the teenage middle daughter, dangerously swims in the ocean alone at night. And Cece, the youngest, is confused by her father's reappearance.

Rice's tender tale captures the turmoil of this family's present-day lives and past secrets, when Honor recalls her childhood with John and his sister Bernadette, who is now a nun.

Rice is always an exceptional storyteller, but her latest novel transcends mere storytelling. You don't just read about the characters, you feel their emotions alongside them. Rice will move readers from laughter to tears in this definite must-read. (Jun., 335 pp., $24.00)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick