Olympia (Pia) Byrd is working on a romance novel about Cleopatra when the golden Greek god of a man she met 12 years ago in Alexandria appears at her side, informing her that her story is all wrong and that he, Darius, had been the Queen's greatest love.

Pia is shocked, bemused and befuddled until Darius proves his tale. He offers to take her, who he swears is Cleopatra reincarnated, back in time so that she may better research her novel.

As they spiral back through the ages, Pia finds herself inside the great queen's body. What better way to research than to actually experience all that Cleopatra felt, thought and did? She learns that she can communicate with Darius as Pia when the queen is asleep, thus they remain in contact throughout Cleopatra's tumultuous reign. Darius, however, in not pleased with Pia's role; how he hates to share his queen and Pia with Caesar and then Mark Anthony!

For many long years, Darius waits for Pia to want to return to her own time, treasuring their moments alone. As the end draws near for Cleopatra, Darius and Pia must race against time in an effort to return to the present before it is too late.

In the tradition of Bertrice Small, SANDS OF DESTINY is a blazing erotic tale of dynamic people living life to the fullest. Ms. Weyrich paints a lush, exotic tapestry of ancient Egypt and Rome depicting the colorful life of Cleopatra, Caesar, Mark Anthony and cast with incredible insight, vibrancy, verve and compassion. A compelling and fascinating time-travel with a unique twist, SANDS OF DESTINY smolders and sizzles like flaming desert sand. Crank up the air conditioner! (May, 415 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox