Jacobs' anthology is the saga of Shana Green and Dahoud el Rashid (aka Bear), a story that unfolds over decades.

In "Love Slave," Jewish college coed Shana fantasizes that she's in the sultan's harem, serving his every pleasure. Her fantasy sheikh comes to life when she meets Bear, a Kuwaiti foreign exchange student. She convinces him to take her to his family's ancient fortress and open the harem, so that she can be his temporary houri. But temporary becomes forever when they marry.

In "Forever Enslaved," years have passed, the war in Kuwait has ended and Bear is consumed with looking for the relatives he lost. Tired of waiting as Bear throws himself into danger, Shana goes back to Houston. Has he lost her? "Entrapped" is the story of Bear's cousin Jamil, who has been a prisoner since the Gulf War, and his love for Leila, an Iraqi woman.

All three stories have the deep sensuality Jacobs is known for, as well as the romantic connection to make them emotionally heartfelt. Filled with details and vivid fantasy, the stories become even more pleasurable as the themes deepen and become more serious. (Apr., 240 pp., $11.99)
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor