Image of The Santangeli Marriage


Image of The Santangeli Marriage
THE SANTANGELI MARRIAGE (4) by Sara Craven: At the urging of his ailing father, Renzo Santangeli tries to reconcile with his young wife, the goddaughter his dying mother wished him to marry. Orphaned Marisa Brendon was financially indebted to the Santangeli family, and her only means of repayment was to give herself as a virgin bride. Although she's loved Renzo from afar since she was child, she's sure he isn't interested in her love, and she knows she can't compete with his more experienced mistresses. More of the story than necessary is told in flashback, but otherwise it's a well-crafted, entertaining romance with enough passion and emotional highs and lows to keep you turning the pages.
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Madan