This month, new Duets authors Cara Summers and Lori Wilde will help get you into the holiday spirit with their must-read romantic comedies. A gorgeous bounty hunter goes undercover to stake out a thiefs ex-fiancie and instead finds himself falling for a lovely librarian. Once this woman discovers his true identity, she sees a chance to satisfy her craving for excitement and proposes a partnership to help solve the case; however, with the explosive chemistry between the two, it doesnt take long before it ignites into a different kind of partnership. With a sprinkling of some spice and intrigue, Ms. Summers MISTLETOE & MAYHEM (4) is a light-hearted, fun read with a zany cast of characters, passionate scenes and wonderful tension.

A disgruntled detective goes undercover as Santa Claus and meets a beautiful elf who is determined to find out SANTAS SEXY SECRET (4). Educated in psychology, this woman decides to make him the subject of her dissertation until she realizes that she has fallen for him. But once their secrets are revealed, will they have enough to build a future? Readers will not be disappointed in this delightful book as Ms. Wilde brilliantly weaves together two lovable characters, charming scenes and a humorous storyline.

Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short