As teenagers, nurse Amanda Witherspoon and Dr. Riley McCabe were constantly playing pranks and trying to one-up each other. When they meet again, as adults working at the same hospital, Riley presumes Amanda's up to old tricks when he finds three children, with a note attached to their stroller saying that he should be their daddy and give them a Merry Christmas. Amanda had nothing to do with it, but Riley doesn't believe her. For revenge, he claims in front of a crowd at the hospital that the children are really his and Amanda's, and that he wants to marry her! It isn't long before these two former rivals start to wonder if they can make their fantasy marriage truly work. Though a soothing and sweet tale, the fanciful premise of Santa's Texas Lullaby (2) seriously strains credulity. Also, Cathy Gillen Thacker's repetitive word choices plague her prose. Amanda's "silky hair" and "slender shoulders" appear far too often.
Reviewed by: 
Madaleine Laird