Image of Sapphire Dream


Image of Sapphire Dream

The first in Montgomerie's new paranormal series, Jewels of Kindonan, is a compelling tale of magic, revenge, betrayal and romance between a pirate, his lady and the prophecy that haunts them both. Strong characters and lots of plot twists heighten the suspense and will keep readers spellbound.

Brenna Cameron is touring modern-day Scotland looking for answers to her past. Transported by a sapphire pendant, she wakes up in 1687 aboard a pirate ship with a price on her head.

Rourke Douglas, Viscount Lord Kinross, becomes entangled in her fate. He loses everything because of this wildcat and is forced to take shelter in the home he once rejected. Brenna is just as surprised as Rourke when he becomes her champion. She doesn't believe in magic or ancient prophecies. All she wants to do is get home. Rourke promises to get her home, but fate has other plans. Brenna only gets one choice -- save herself or her pirate lover. The choice proves simple, even as the world crashes around them (BERKLEY SENSATION, Jul., 308 pp., $7.99)
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Maria Ferrer