Unconventional bluestocking Gabriella Spencer has done it this time. By bringing home the wayward son of Lord Adam Drake, Earl of Lancaster, she has found herself caught in a dilemma. When she refuses Adam's monetary reward, her father demands that the earl introduce her into polite society.

Distrustful of women and on a secret mission for the government, Adam does not need to be encumbered by the intelligent, outspoken, sapphire blue-eyed young lady, but he agrees. Adam soon finds that Gabriella has a way of disrupting his life and causing quite a commotion among the ton, who never know what she is going to do next.

Always more logical than emotional, Gabriella is stunned by her powerful desire for Adam; just as he is surprised by his respect and passion for her. Though they both do their best to resist, they surrender to the power of love when Gabriella is injured.

Their love seems to overrule all reason until Adam begins to suspect that Gabriella is conspiring with the very traitors he has been investigating. His distrust of women returns as Gabriella is caught in a trap and must somehow prove her innocence or risk losing Adam forever.

Elizabeth Ann Michaels pens a well written and sexually charged romance centering on a very modern-thinking young woman and a stubborn man. Filled with just the right measure of adventure and charming secondary characters, OF SAPPHIRE DREAMS is a solid, engaging and entertaining night's read. SENSUAL (Jan., 314 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin