This second novel in the Tallent and Lowery adventure series has an intriguing premise with characters who rival well-known pop-culture icons that dabble in archaeology. Lignor's creativity shines through her characters' ancient findings. However, readers who haven't read book one in the series may lose interest quickly, especially since numerous references are made to past events without backstory or explanation. Also, since all of the characters are already couples, the romances are unexciting.

New York librarian Leah Tallent and her boyfriend, artifact-hunter Gareth Lowery, are about to embark on an adventure to locate the whereabouts of Emmanuel Carrier — the missing boyfriend of Gareth's archeologist sister, Kathryn. Their adventure takes the trio to the Middle East, where they learn more about Emmanuel's quest to find a major historical site. As the group follows clue after clue, solving puzzle after puzzle, they're also faced with avoiding enemies who will stop at nothing to make sure Leah and Gareth fail to make it through their journey alive. (SUSPENSE PUBLISHING, Mar., dl., $4.95) 

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun