Sarael has spent her whole life with the carnival, abandoned there by her mother as a child. Now a reading of the tarot cards foretells that the time has come for her to move away from what she knows.

Vampire Matteo Cabrelli has spent his immortal years searching for the one created specifically for him and now has found her in the virgin Sarael. Unfortunately, Sarael's mother left her with the fear that when she is found, her life will not be her own. This fear leads her to run from her destiny, not realizing the dangers.

This tale presents a new breed of vampire. This is not truly a love story, as the heroine has no free will about her choice of life partner. The hero is extremely alpha, using his superior strength and some bondage to exert his will upon her. Much of what the hero does to the heroine could be considered abuse. There is plenty of sex and some rather violent scenes. (dl $5.20)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley