SARAH'S SEDUCTION will take readers on a titillating and emotional journey into a world of passion, danger and the ultimate surrender.

After divorcing the man she never truly loved, Sarah Tate decides to go after the one true love of her life—the one with passions so dark they drove her away six years ago. Still, he haunted her dreams. Perhaps if she spent just one night in his arms, she could break his hold over her forever.

Brock August has loved only one woman, but he drove her into the arms of another man because she couldn't accept who he was and what he needed from her. But now she's free and he is determined to win her heart the only way he knows how: with the ultimate seduction.

While SARAH'S SEDUCTION delivers outstanding characters, tension and chemistry, the underlying motivation of sexual abuse may be difficult for readers to identify with. Although a more conclusive ending would have brought this story full circle, it does leave you wanting more. (dl $6.49)

Reviewed by: 
Tanya Kacik