Image of The Sarantos Secret Baby


Image of The Sarantos Secret Baby

THE SARANTOS SECRET BABY (4) by Olivia Gates: Swoon-worthy is the only way to describe hard-driving billionaire Aristedes Sarantos, whose adversary is brilliant, witty and gorgeous attorney Selene Louvardis. With a Hatfield-and-McCoy type feud going on, it’s almost not surprising to find these two drawn into a steamy weekend affair after her father’s funeral. When Aris storms back into her life two years later, he’s the one who comes to a crashing halt when he realizes that she had his son in that time. Demanding to spend time with his child, Aris moves into Selene’s life — and her heart. Gates knows how to create a hero who’s both romantic and arrogant in a perfect blend to keep the pages speeding forward.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper