After the Civil War Sara Dalton's family returned to the dusty Kansas plains with a price on their heads.

Bounty hunter Deke Bonner is tracking the infamous Dalton gang. He wants the sizable reward, but he is also obsessed with revenge against the men who killed his family.

When Deke finds Sara, he abducts her, planning to use her to lead him to the desperados. On the trail Sara pretends to be tough, yet her vulnerability reaches out to Deke and completely disarms him. Their passions are easily ignited and a strong bond develops between them.

At Robber's Cove, Deke is stunned to discover that the members of Sara's family are not like the cold-blooded killers they are reputed to be. He and her brothers join together to protect Sara from renegade outlaws bent on claiming her for their own. Slowly Deke realizes that Sara's love is more valuable than money or vengeance.

In SARA'S BOUNTY Ms. Porter takes readers on a journey of discovery. These engaging lovers, opposites in many ways, learn that love tempers hate and heals all wounds. SENSUAL (May., 386 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Frances L. Trainor