As heated and darkly sensual as anything Thea Devine's ever written, Satisfaction is a powerhouse of deep emotions and tangled passions perfectly merged into an intricate mystery. Devine weaves a tightly plotted, hot erotic romance, plus a thrilling suspense, into one dynamite read.

Years before Jancie Renbrook was the companion to dying Olivia Galliard, Olivia's husband, Hugh, and Jancie's father, Edmund, were partners in a South African diamond mine.

Hugh betrayed Edmund, and now Jancie is the willing instrument of her father's revenge. Jancie schemes to ruin the Galliards and reclaim their stolen fortune in diamonds. To do this, Jancie must pit Hugh against his bad-boy son, Lujan, who has come home to ease his mother's last days.

All does not go as planned, and Lujan soon finds himself protecting Jancie from the elderly Hugh's advances. But, falling into lust (could it be love?) is not what either Jancie or Lujan were planning on either!

(May, 400 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin