Ginny and Stevejust hearing these names conjures images of one of the greatest and most volatile romances of the genre. From Texas to Mexico, European palaces and Russian winters, these lovers have gone from heaven to hell and back again, taking readers on a roller coaster ride of sizzling sensuality and unbelievable adventure. The saga comes to a close in Ms. Rogers latest tale of the trials and tribulations of this remarkable couple.

In an effort to reclaim her children and salvage her marriage, Ginny Morgan, recently recovered from an illness, arrives in London intent upon convincing Steve to reconcile.

Explosive passion like theirs can never die. She is still Green Eyes to Steve, the most sensual, unforgettable woman in his life. But can he ever trust her?

No, this is not Sweet Savage Love, but readers will recognize Ms. Rogers signature characters and wild adventures. Though slower in pace and not as strikingly sensual or original as that classic, longtime readers and fans will want to see Ginny and Steve (a kinder, gentler Steve) together again. SENSUAL (Dec., 408 pp., $7.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin