Image of The Savage King: Lords of the Var Book One


Image of The Savage King: Lords of the Var Book One

Get ready for a thrilling ride to planet Qurilixen, where gorgeous cat-shifting alphas rule. Pillow's futuristic world in the first installment of her Lords of the Var series is one that readers will anticipate revisiting, although this book can be enjoyed on its own. Intrigue, romance
and sizzling sex keep the story moving. The two main characters have a strong physical attraction, but their complex personalities have them struggling to overcome issues of control, pain and trust. A touch of humor keeps the mood light.

Ulyssa Pane completes a mission for the Human Intelligence Agency and gets stranded on planet Qurilixen. She's kidnapped by King Attor and thrown into his harem. When he's killed, his son Kirill becomes king and assumes responsibility for the beautiful captive. Ulyssa has a mission to complete, and the king doesn't want a commitment, but fate has other plans for them. (THE RAVEN BOOKS, May 2011, 228 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski