The third story in Leigh's stunning Legacies series begins with a heart-stopping opening: Shanar the Savage has waited a thousand years for his wife Ariel to return to him.

Ever since she was a child, Ariel's grandmother told her tales of the legend of the Savage Warrior and the Mistress of the Wind. Her father, meanwhile, called these stories gobbledygook. But for all his disparaging remarks, he's never been able to take away the earth crystal that Ariel wears around her neck.

Slowly memories of her past life return. Remnants of knowledge are fleeting—such as life with her husband Shanar and her sisters—but danger is hot on her heels. The difficulties Ariel faces with her painful past are overwhelming. But Shanar is indeed her champion, and he is determined to help her remember and recreate the love they once shared.

Leigh has crafted a terrific series, and this story is no exception. The prequel, Shattered Legacy, told the legend of the Shadow warriors and the four daughters of a sorcerer who became their wives. Sadly, the prequel did not have a happy ending, but it did set a marvelous path for the succeeding stories. (dl $6.49)
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Leigh Rowling