Image of Savage Nature (A Leopard Novel)


Image of Savage Nature (A Leopard Novel)

The Leopards are back in Feehan’s latest. Fans will be delighted that this book picks up the story of wounded shifter Drake Donovan as murder and mystery invade the Louisiana bayou. Feehan pours on the eerie in this tale of blood and family feuds, but it is the sizzling relationship between protagonists that gives this one its spark!

Having been raised on the bayou, Saria Boudreaux knows its secrets, especially the fact that her older brothers are all leopard shapeshifters. Which means when Saria discovers dead bodies, apparently done in by leopard bite, she is worried. Rather than go to the police, she contacts the land owner Jake Bannaconni, who sends Drake Donovan to investigate. Right off the bat Drake realizes two things: there is something dangerous going on, and his leopard recognizes Saria as his mate. Adding to the concern is that Saria is close to Han Vol Dan, her first shifting. Perilous secrets are being kept by the local leopard-shifter families and to stop the killing, all must be revealed. (JOVE, May, 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith