Jacqueline Barbary's latest is a shifter thrill ride. It's a true case of opposites attract as Robert and Michael explore their physical and emotional attraction. Barbarry's m/m passion sizzles but it's her intricate shifter lore that makes this story such fun. With solid worldbuilding details, excellent bouts of action and suspense and a surprise at the conclusion, readers will be begging for a sequel.

Animal shapeshifters Robert and Michael come from vastly different backgrounds, but they have both been scarred by the war the human government is waging  against all shifters. Robert has spent his entire life trying to pass as human, while Michael has always been punished for his shifting abilities. When Michael, who has recently been saved from a vicious shifter-testing laboratory, is taken to Robert's home to heal, the pair form an unlikely bond. Michael’s love helps Robert learn to enjoy his shifter abilities. But when soldiers come knocking at Robert's door the couple agrees they must rejoin the fight to make the world safe for shifters. (CARINA PRESS, June 2010, dl. $2.99)

*WEB EXCLUSIVE REVIEW - Note: This story is an M/M romance*

Reviewed by: 
Kate Gerard