BeBe Loudermilk is part of the elite crowd, what with her money, real estate and highly successful restaurant. But then she meets Reddy, a gorgeous "investment counselor" who knows exactly how to take care of BeBe and her money. Unfortunately, Reddy turns out to be a con man, and leaves her with nothing but a newly acquired rundown motel called the Breeze Inn. BeBe has no choice but to make the motel successful.

The work is hard. Making it even harder is the cranky manager, Harry. Then, at just the right time, there's a rumor that Reddy's been sighted in Fort Lauderdale. BeBe decides to get even. With the help of Harry and her best friend, Weezie, BeBe may just be able to con the con man.

This is a fun book! The characters come alive and jump off the page with their wit and raw emotions. The fast-paced action of the second half is entertaining, with BeBe's level head making everything believable. Andrews has written a strong follow-up to Savannah Blues. With luck, we'll hear more from these characters. (Apr., 448 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Robin Glazer