Ministers' daughters aren't supposed to pursue modeling careers, but LaRue Arnette does just that. Patterson Haney may be from meager beginnings, but this small-town girl is determined to become the diva of the modeling world. When Macy Baldwin drops out of her college and her parents cut her off financially, she's forced to look for a job. She turns to the one area she knows best, fashion.

These three women come together in a city of bright lights and big dreams and form an everlasting bond. Saved in the City starts off like a more principled companion to the TV series Top Model, but it changes course along the way, delving into the mind-sets of Patterson, Macy and LaRue and showing that in life risks are sometimes necessary.

Thomas pens an uplifting inspirational novel about a trio of vastly different women pursuing their goals and maintaining their moral standards. (May, 323 p.p., $22.00)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton