There is absolutely nothing enjoyable about this story. Populated with wooden characters, not a single conversation or event is remotely realistic or entertaining. Fewer than two days after Jenna escapes the clutches of a sexually abusive serial killer, she engages in a new relationship with the hero that leads her to be physically ill because she has not yet healed from her traumatic experiences. This e-book was as close to a “do not finish” story as this reviewer has ever read.

Jenna Daggert is the eighth victim of the Miners Bend Woman Snatcher, however, unlike the other women taken, Jenna survives the ordeal. She escapes from captivity and literally runs into the arms of Deputy Joseph Morgan in the woods. Joseph is beyond relieved to have found the missing woman. New to the area, he didn’t meet Jenna before her abduction, but since being assigned to the case, he has grown obsessed with rescuing the beautiful woman. However, finding Jenna alive is not the end of the matter. The couple must work together to identify the Snatcher before he can either take his next victim — or return to silence Jenna. (LIQUID SILVER BOOKS, November 2011, dl., $5.75)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne