Image of Saved By The Monarch


Image of Saved By The Monarch

SAVED BY THE MONARCH (4.5) by Dana Marton: She didn't know it, but Lady Judith Marezzi was promised in marriage to Prince Miklos Kerkay when she was still a toddler, before she was whisked to her new life in the United States. Landing as a tourist in Valtria for her 30th birthday, Judi is surprised to find her handsome prince waiting for her -- and just as she begins to get the full story, they're both kidnapped by revolutionaries. As threats to the royal family escalate, Judi and Miklos must escape their captors to survive and keep the monarchy alive. Marton shoots from the hip, and her aim is dead on as the story sears along the nerve-endings and this mismatched pair battles each other and the enemy with rapier-sharp wit and unnerving daring.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper