Though some scenes in this book will certainly be difficult for readers, Ryan has created an emotional story of love and redemption and proves she certainly knows how to create an atmosphere of constant fear for her heroine and readers alike. The complexity of the main characters gives the book a welcome depth, and their growing intimacy mitigates much of the darkness left in the wake of the story’s formidable villain. With memorable secondary characters, including a remarkable dog named Sally, this is a reading experience not easily forgotten.

Jenna Caldwell Merrick has been on the run for two years. After she divorced her wealthy, influential and sadistically abusive husband, he has stalked her across the country, taunting, beating and threatening her until Jenna has no idea where to turn for help. When Jack Turner realizes the woman living on his ranch is not only a haunting beauty, but also in desperate need of help, he willingly gives her his protection, and easily claims her heart. But no matter how much Jack might dream of a forever, Jenna’s ex-husband is still out there, and he won’t stop until someone is dead. (AVONROMANCE.COM, dl $1.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown