Natalie Coombs is a counselor at the Jackson Hole Hope Center. She prays for the women and young girls that cross her path, trying to help them with decisions that could affect their entire lives. But Natalie's own life is a mess. Her ex, who cheated on her and tried to steal money from her grandmother's lodge, just blew off a weekend with their sons. She must also convince Linn, a pregnant teenager, that the life inside her really is a life.

Natalie is accosted in her car and threatened with harm if she doesn't quit telling lies about babies being alive in the womb. Then a bomb goes off at the women's clinic across town, and Natalie's center is blamed for their anti-abortion beliefs. In an effort to help Natalie, one of her sisters sets her up on a blind date with an adoption attorney. When Linn asks Natalie to adopt her unborn child, she turns to Kyle for help.

Hunter blends romance, spiritual guidance and hope into her novel. She takes Natalie's feeling of betrayal and turns it into a message of forgiveness. (Apr., 296 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith