In The Savvy Sistahs, three wonderfully strong and intelligent women each prove they can make it on their own—only to discover they don't have to. Brandy Bennett, Carla Osborne and Amber Stuart are three successful, single and savvy sistahs. They share a friendship of short, but strong and enduring, standing. Brandy is a hotel owner, courtesy of her ex-husband. When she starts receiving threatening letters, her cousins send ex-FBI agent Grey Masters to solve the mystery and protect her.

Raising a son alone while running a business leaves Carla little time for a love life—then her son's father makes an unexpected appearance and threatens her peace of mind. After a marriage that severely injured her self-esteem, Amber is finding happiness and fulfillment with her combination book and gift shop. However, she finds herself reevaluating things when Cord Jeffries makes a purchase.

The friends the trio have outside of their small clique add depth and reality to the story. This is a well-crafted tale of three interwoven romances, with a dash of a suspenseful mystery. (Nov., 338 pp., $13.95)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley