Since renouncing his traitorous father, Adelar has roamed the countryside as a mercenary. While visiting his cousin Bayard, Adelar comes face to face with Enredi, the girl he was never able to forget, the daughter of the Dane who kidnapped him as a youth.

Enredi is to wed Bayard as a means of securing peace. Enredi and Adelar discover their feelings for one another have grown stronger with the passage of time. Both of them have thought their love doomed. Now fate has been so cruel as to entwine their lives once more only to taunt them with the fact that their love must remain a secret for they are too honorable to betray Bayard.

Alas, there are those within Bayard's ranks who long to see Adelar fall from favor. They plot to cause dissension between the Saxons and Danes. All the while Bayard and Adelar play a game of chance that may well cost Adelar and Enredi their lives.

Rife with elements of the era, THE SAXON offers a tantalizing glimpse into England's past, depicting the lives of those who forged a kingdom amidst the constant tumult of betrayal and invasion by clinging to the cherished beliefs that honor and love will prevail. SENSUAL (May, 389 pp., $RAT: 4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox